Meet the team


I‘ve always had an interest in crafts since I was quite young. My earlier profession was working with children in schools. We were always making various things with the classes and I loved it. I find it all very therapeutic too and love nothing more than to sit making things and take great pride in seeing the finished product.

I started making crafts at home about 3 years ago and realised that I did have a talent for this. As more and more people started asking me to make things for them I thought that perhaps I could make a living from this.

So I made that leap and opened my first store in Tonypandy nearly 2 years ago. I was there for about 6 months when I discovered that a property had become vacant right in the middle of Treorchy. I soon made enquiries and not long after………………….Here I am!!!!

It’s the best move I ever made. Working more closely to home has meant I have more time to spend on my crafts and also developing new ideas for the business too. I’m working on different things all the time.

All the Crafts are my own work and all made on the shop premises. I take great pride in my work and if I feel it’s not perfect then I’ll start again until I’m 100% happy with the end product. I’m delighted to find that I have a very large customer base which stretches not only within the locality but as far afield as Ireland and London too.

I realised that there is a world of opportunity out there so decided that the time was right to set up a website to give others the chance to view and purchase my products too.